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Share Information

Instant Vital Information at your Fingertips

QuoteMedia's Share Information content solutions provide extensive information about how a company and its stock are performing. These fully customizable modules embed directly in your site, providing comprehensive intelligence on how a company and its shares are performing.

By adding our Share Information solutions to your web site or product, you can give your users and visitors detailed information about the companies they are interested in around the globe, including:

  • How the company is performing from a Revenue and Earnings perspective
  • How the company's stock price is performing, including several analytics
  • Current and historical trade volumes and trends
  • How many short positions are currently open (Short Interest)
  • How much of the company is owned by funds, insurance companies, or other large financial institutions
  • How much of the company is owned by Insiders - are they selling or buying?

All of this information is available in well-designed and appealing formats that can easily be added to your web site or product, or we can help you create your own displays with our web content feeds.

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