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Trades / Time and Sales

Real-time or Delayed Recent Trades

QuoteMedia's Trades, or Time and Sales applications provide visibility into every trade that occurs, along with the additional detailed information traders need, like Exact Time, Up or Down Tick, Price, Size of Order, Trade Type Indicators, and more.

Easily filtered by Time, Volume, Market Identifier, Order Type (Average Price Trade, Prior Reference Price, Form-T Trade, Consolidated Close, Odd Lot Trade, CAP Election Trade, Extended Hours Trade, etc.), our suite of adaptable, easily implemented Trades and Time and Sales applications allow users to track the order flows of their desired securities at a glance.

You can also choose to accompany your Time and Sales layouts with attractive Intervals Charting, Data Visualization widgets, and efficient Quote Data companion displays, to provide the optimum detailed trading information in your own website.

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