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Level 2 / Market Depth

Real-time Bid and Ask Data

Harness the benefits of in-depth market knowledge with Real-time Level 2 quotes delivered in seamlessly integrated, customizable web widgets easily embedded in your own pages.

With our Market depth web applications, it’s now simple to move beyond the information provided by Level 1 data (Bid, Offer, High, Low) to focus on the actual Buy and Sell Orders for each share in the market, as well as additional insights so vital in today’s markets, such as market maker and trader participant information.

QuoteMedia's Level 2 displays can also be combined with Time and Sales. This also provides the viewer an in-depth view of real-time trading activity.

QuoteMedia's Market Depth/Level 2 modules display OrderBook data for up-to-date information on market activity and Bid/Ask offers for major markets including the below...

  • NASDAQ Level II
    • NASDAQ OpenView - the top of the various market Participant Books
    • NASDAQ TotalView – all Orders individually displayed
    • NASDAQ TotalView Aggregated – all Orders from the NASDAQ Market Center Book
  • OTCBB Level II data is included in the NASDAQ Level II feeds
  • OTC Markets Level II – Real-time BBO (Best Bid Offer) and Level 2 quotes for all OTC Markets Tiers
    • OTCQX
    • OTCQB
    • OTC Pink Securities
  • TSX and TSXV Market Depth
    • Market by Price – all orders from each broker at a given price level are combined and shown as a single record.
    • Market by Broker – each broker is displayed separately at all of the price levels they currently offer for orders; Market by Broker includes Market by Price.
    • MarketBook – each outstanding order in the Order Books is sorted by Bid or Ask Price and shown separately as a single record; MarketBook includes Market by Price and Market by Broker.
  • London Stock Exchange Level II
  • CNSX Level II
  • LYNX Level II
  • Omega Level II
  • PURE Level II

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