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Quotestream Enterprise Partners

Provide Your Clients with the Best in Real-time Streaming Market Data Applications

Quotestream Enterprise Partners span the range of financial services clientele – online brokerages, clearing firms, banks, exchanges, financial portals – who benefit from this cost effective, easy to manage market data and research solution for their firm's advisors and/or investor customers.

With no software for you to install and no servers to maintain, Quotestream Enterprise provides your professional or non-professional users with low latency tick-by-tick streaming data, advanced charting, news, research and more, all backed up by QuoteMedia's redundant ticker plant processing for absolute reliability.

Aggressive bulk rates, easy implementation, White Label capabilities, available Trade Integration and Proprietary Content Integration, full reporting and Vendor of Record services add up to the marketplace's most viable answer where providing your customers and / or advisors with at-a-glance streaming market access is concerned.

Product Features:

  • Total Portability – Quotestream is cloud-based, allowing access from anywhere in the world at any time
  • Modular Product – provide the functionality that you choose
  • Fully Synchronized Desktop and Mobile co-companion delivery – view and edit the same portfolios and market data on desktop, mobile phones and tablets
  • Access to a full range of Equities, Level 2, Funds, Commodities, Futures, Indices, Forex, ETFs, News, Fundamentals, Advanced Charting, Research, Analysis, Corporate Actions, Events, Filings and more
  • Intuitive and easy to use, including simple drag and drop functionality and totally customizable screens, layouts, colors, fonts, and charting
  • Multiple configurable workspaces, portfolios and watch lists with custom layouts
  • Dynamic Time & Sales and Quotes provides tick-by-tick access to all trades
  • Robust Advanced Charting with comparative, historical, intraday, analytics, studies and indicators, and tick-by-tick real-time charting
  • Multi-screen configuration with ability to drag and resize windows provides for module dispersion across many monitors.
  • Historical quote, analytics and research data - exportable and downloadable for custom manipulation
  • RTD/DDE providing the ability to link real-time streaming data directly into spreadsheets
  • Premium Stock Screener - criteria include Performance, Average Volumes, Dividends, Growth, Margins, Turnover, Ownership and Much More

To talk about providing Quotestream Enterprise for your firm, very cost effectively, please give us a call.

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