1. LINKS


Links can be set up within help pages by accessing the `Insert` menu of the editor and choosing `Insert/edit link`. To link to an external webpage you would just put in the normal url you want to link to. To link to internal pages is a bit tricker and must be done in the following format:`/?topic=TOPIC_NAME`, where TOPIC_NAME Matches the title `id` of the topic you are linking to. One way to obtain the ID is to click on the topic and check what it says in teh address bar, another way is to right-click on the topic and choose `inspect element`, as shown in the image below, if I right click on the `View Menu` topic and choose `Inspect Element` I will see immediately that the id for this topic is 58.

Adding Links


It's also possible to create page 'anchors'. These are links which scroll the current page to a desired location and are usefull when you have lots of content on a single page, such as in the FAQ or TOS pages.

Adding Anchors

Once you have placed your anchor like shown in the above image, you can link to it by simply creating a link which points to the name you've given you're anchor, and preceded by a hastag, as showin the image below:

Adding Anchors Pt2


Images can be "uploaded" to the site using the editor. Images should always be the same width = 1128. The height can differ depending on the content = no minimum.


Sorting the topics has some limitations. You have up to 2 levels of nesting (main topics, sub topics, sub-sub topics) These items can be reordered within their respective lists by dragging and dropping but you cannot move from one list to another. If you have a menu item which needs to change lists, you're best bet is probably to copy the source code of that content from within the editor, delete teh item and make a new item where you want it and then paste the source code again using the code button of the editor.


Currently there is only one token available which is the product name. This token looks like this: {{product}}. Putting this in the admin would cause the site to display "Quotestreamâ„¢" if the `client` is set to `qm` or `TMX PowerStream` if the client is set to `tsx`. This token should be used in place of the product name. Admins cannot currently create their own tokens, as I dont' anticipate this being something we need, but if we do end up needing another token or two just let me know and I'll set them up.

A note on memory leakage

It has come to my attention that prolonged use of the admin tools of this site will cause the browser to become sluggish. As best as I can pinpoint this is a result of the complicated sorting methods (sortable lists nested within each other) amd the tinymce editor. These issues will not be apparent to any normal users of the site, only when logged in as admins. If the site becomes sluggish you can reset the memory by closing and reopening the browser.