Trade A.I.

With QuoteMedia’s proprietary statistical modelling engine, Trade A.I. delivers a unique approach to calculating probabilities.  The platform incorporates data science and machine learning to continuously generate and refine probability values that more accurately reflect real-world market and instrument behavior than standard industry measures.  Users can analyze trades from all angles, with the most reliable indicators, to mitigate risk and make more informed decisions.

Learn How to build High Probability and High Return on Investment Trades using QuoteMedia Options Trade Analysis and our 3 Step System

Options Trade Analyzer

Options Trade Analyzer comprises several tools that will satisfy traders of all different stripes.

Trading Ideas scans the market in real-time and provides several lists of ideas to help traders with starting points to help find profitable trades.

A trader has the ability to build
and analyze any multi-leg trades by selecting Buy/Sell on the Option Matrix.

See our Options Analyzer Guide for more help and information. 

Trading Ideas

The Trading Ideas module scans the market in real-time and provides three lists of ideas to help traders with possible starting points in their quest for profitable trades. 

See our Trading Ideas Guide for more help and information. 

Currency Analyzer

The Currency Analyzer applies a methodology that converts Historical pricing, Volatility and Technical trend analysis indicators into functional probability values that yield a simple rating system.

See more in our Currency Analyzer Guide

Some of the features of the expanding Trade A.I. platform include:

  • Scanning the market in real-time for proprietary probability flags, as well as a wide range of user-selected and custom criteria to provide trading ideas that have a high probability of success, and a high expectation of profit.
  • Analyzing optionable stocks with approaching earnings announcements, significantly elevated volatility compared to their historical levels, and other metrics to identify and build the most promising options trades.
  • Scanning for Probability Arbitrage opportunities where there are discrepancies between the most commonly used probability type, Theoretical Probability, and our proprietary probability methodologies, including Historical and Stress Test Probability analytics.
  • Scanning for oversold and overbought stocks based on the comparison of the price trend for various timelines and creating a prediction of the future price movement based on probabilistic analysis, options sentiment and other metrics.
  • Trade building analysis, giving users the ability to build and analyze a wide range of trade strategies, including complex multi-leg trades.  Users construct a trade and the modelling engine calculates the probability of success according to 9 different probability methodologies, as well as the expected return on investment.
  • Options traders have access to comprehensive probability analysis for each option at each strike via the Trade A.I. Probability Matrix.  This is highly beneficial for Covered Call / Put writers who want to create cash flow out of an existing stock portfolio and simultaneously not be called out of their positions.
  • Back-testing capabilities going back over 10 years provide a time machine for not only analyzing trading strategies but are also an excellent tool for learning to trade options.
  • Comprehensive research, analysis and fundamentals, including pricing data, implied volatility, earnings, dividends, sector and industry reports, along with proprietary Stock Trend analysis and Options Sentiment analysis.
  • Robust advanced interactive charting delivers rich visualizations and helps users to surface trends and interpret complex data.