Short Interest

The Short Interest module provides information on a company's stock that has been traded short. The Settlement Date column is updated twice each month. The data included contains the number of shares that are short, the average daily volume, and the ratio of these two values (or the "Days to Cover"). The image below shows the "Table View" of the Short Interest module.

You can pick a start and an end date to view data from. The default range is set to view the previous 12 months.

Additionally, the Export button allows you to export this data and save it as a .csv file on your computer, the Print function enables you to print off this information as a hard copy.

In addition to the Table View we offer charts of the short interest data. The same data that can be viewed in the table view is automatically graphed in a  visual presentation. The various short interest dates are listed along the bottom of the first bar graph, and number of shares short graphed upwards.

The bottom line graph displays the short interest ratio/days to cover for each particular time period.

As with the table view here you can pick start and end dates to view, and export the data accordingly. Note: the short interest charts cannot be printed directly from the streamer.

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