The Filings module provides a detailed list of all filings associated with a particular company. You can narrow your filings search by adjusting the date parameters at the top of the module. You can also filter by Form Type (such as 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, etc.) or by filings group (such as Corporate Actions, Financial Reports, etc.).

Filings can be viewed or saved in many different formats. Along the right hand side of the module you will see a variety of icons or links. By clicking the yellow "T" you will be able to view the filing within the streamer itself. The blue "W" opens a window that provides you with the opportunity to save the filing as an .rtf or Word document, and the red link with the Adobe icon allows you to save as a .pdf file.

We even offer the ability to view annual and quarterly (10-K and 10-Q) reports in an XBRL viewer by clicking on the purple icon in the far right column with the "I" indicator. In the XBRL viewer you will be presented with the option of viewing in the viewer itself or download the raw files themselves as an .xml file.

Finally, from the Filings module, you can set an alert to be triggered when the next filing for this particular company is released, as well as the option to print out the filings list.

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